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I’m More than a Cover Magazine

We are a free e-zine designed to discuss the issues young girls face in their adolescent and most vulnerable years.

The information currently available to teenage girls focuses primarily on fashion, beauty, romance, entertainment, pandering to stereotypical views of what girls want to consume. Social media bombards young girls with unrealistic ideals, without addressing the angst AND POTENTIAL of adolescent girls. There are influencers and bloggers who talk about a variety of topics of inspiration and interest to women, but they are fragmented.

Girls, therefore, when they become women, are faced with limited and uninspired life choices – or no choices – often forced on them or based on what they are ‘used’ to seeing.

Magazines catering to boys on the other hand, showcase an active life with a wide variety of interests such as camping, astronomy, science, construction, piloting, etc etc, again, reinforcing gender stereotypes.


It all started when I spotted a picture doing the rounds on FB of a cover of a magazine apparently written for tweens and teens, which showcased “Miss Beautiful”: a picture perfect young lady. As if she never had fears or worries about lopsidedness or her weight or skin, or of fitting in.

Now, next to this cover was a photo of a girl proud of her intellect and accomplishments: one who dreamed big and who didn’t care if she belonged to the girl squad or not. Turns out the second was just a mockup by a graphic artist (and mum) to express her horror at the stereotyping in the first.

But this was a wake up call, and it made me wonder why there wasn’t such a magazine out there. I decided to create one myself. And so, in partnership with Quincy Gonzales and Kimberly Kleczka, I’m More than a Cover (IMTAC) was born.

IMTAC aims to close the gap in the curated and collated content available to girls and young women (12-25 years), create a safe space for young women to be heard, to hear from other young women, to understand how to deal with the pressures from peers, adults, the fashion and personal care industries and myriad other topics adolescents and young women are curious about or feel too embarrassed or ashamed to discuss.

IMTAC empowers young girls with inspiring stories of ordinary girls and women. We also hear from male allies who know that gender equality and equity benefits the world.

Deborah Mannas

Original Team

Deborah Mannas
& Editor-in-Chief

Kimberly Kleczka
Editor, Stylist &
Photo Journalist

Quincy Gonzales
Creative Director
& Layout

Loulou von Spiel
Editor, Writer,
& Illustrator


Deborah Mannas

Deborah Mannas is the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of IMTAC_mag. Having carved out a successful career as an HR leader, where she utilizes her leadership skills and expertise to guide and support organizations in creating healthy and inclusive work environments, she is keenly aware of the injustices women face.

Deborah is a passionate humanitarian, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. Through her philanthropic endeavors, she strives to create positive change, advocating for social justice, equality, and the empowerment of marginalized communities.

Deborah is also an artist: singer/songwriter who uses her music as a healing and uniting force, inspiring others to follow their passions and make a difference in their own unique way.


Kimberley Kleczka

Kimberley Kleczka is known for her diverse creative pursuits. As a children’s author, she has captivated young readers with her imaginative storytelling. Additionally, her expertise as an artist and designer is evident in the crafted butterfly scarves and arties she has created.

Kimberley also loves inspiring women through her journals, empowering them to embrace their inner strength. Moreover, as a co-owner of the young women’s magazine called IMTAC, she provides a platform for young voices to be heard and celebrated.

In addition to her accomplishments in journalism, writing and publishing, Kimberley Kleczka also makes her mark in the entertainment industry. She serves as a radio host and voice over actor, lending her voice to engage and entertain listeners.


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